CfP: 3rd HDH Conference (Málaga, 18-20 October 2017)

28 Apr 2017 - 00:00

The Hispanic Digital Humanities. International Society is proud to announce the CFP of its III international conference, HDH2017, which will take place in Málaga, Spain, on October 18th - 20th, 2017.

The development of computational technologies and the expansion of the digital medium have led to important social, political, cultural and epistemological transformations. Digital Humanities, as a field of research, critical reflection and action, have become one of the key pillars in this process, contributing to the advance of digital culture as well as to its critical analysis. Thus, the practice of Digital Humanities helps us expand the new ways of production and distribution of knowledge, culture, social actions, political discourses, etc., which are building the new 21th-century societies, but, at the same time, also helps us be aware of their underlying imbalances and uncertainties.

The III International Conference of the HDH wants to focus on the crucial role played by Digital Humanities, addressing three critical dimensions: societies, politics and knowledge. The main question posed by the HDH2017 is: how are the Digital Humanities contributing – or might contribute – to the transformation of these dimensions in the diversity of the territorial and cultural contexts where the Digital Humanities are developed?

Types of proposals

  • Long papers. 20 minutes. This type of proposal is suitable for presenting results of projects that are already completed or in a state in which their development is very advanced, and for discussing methodological and theoretical-critical issues.
  • Short papers. 10 minutes. This type of proposal is suitable for presenting small projects or projects in their early stages of development. It is also appropriate in order to describe tools or software or to make presentations of infrastructures or technological devices. Each session will have a set of presentations of equal length. A short debate will follow.
  • Poster. Poster presentations may include any ongoing work or research on thematic areas of the conference, such as computing technology and projects or software presentations. A poster presentation area will be provided so the researchers will have the opportunity to speak in detail about their works with those who may be interested.
  • Panel. Up to 90-minute sessions each panel, including presentations and debate on a single theme. Each panel should be proposed by a participant who will act as coordinator, and as chair of the session.

Submission and Guidelines for Proposals

Proposals can be submitted in Spanish or English.

Submission period: February 14th to March 31th April 28th, 2017

Proposals must be sent via the Conference Contributions Management System (OCS). The link is available on the conference website. All proposals will be subject to peer review by the scientific committee.

  • Poster: abstract of up to 750 words.
  • Short lecture (10 min): abstract of up to 1,500 words.
  • Long lecture (20 min): abstract of up to 1,500 words.
  • Panel (90 min): abstract of up to 1,500 words, containing an overall description of the panel and a summary of each of the presentations, as well as the name of all the speakers.

The final decision of the scientific committee will be sent by May 6th. The registration period will be open from May 6th to July 15th. The deadline to participate in the conference without submitting contributions will remain open until October 10th.

Visit the website conference for more details.