Call for Chapter Proposals: Digital Humanities, Libraries, and Partnerships

1 Oct 2016 - 00:00

Deadline: October 1, 2016

Kate Joranson and Robin Kear, editors of the forthcoming Chandos book Digital Humanities, Libraries, and Partnerships, seek 500-word proposals for chapters exploring digital humanities projects involving significant partnerships. This edited volume will be a conceptual guide for academic librarians, faculty, and staff who are interested in cultivating partnerships centered on digital humanities work.

Editors are looking for diverse international perspectives from all types of higher education institutions including public and private universities, colleges, technical institutes, professional or vocational schools, and community colleges. We are particularly interested in chapters that are co-authored by individuals in different academic or administrative areas, offices, or units.

Editors invite authors to use this as an opportunity to reflect on their partnership and explore one or more prompts such as:

  • Reflect on how you have built a project network among staff, librarians, and faculty at your institution or across institutions. Describe the challenges and opportunities. What is at stake?
  • How do you conceptualize authorship and ownership of DH projects, and how does that manifest in distribution of work, credit, and funding?
  • How have you developed a shared vocabulary for describing your research questions, goals, and outcomes?
  • How has your partnership shaped your understanding of what it means to be a part of humanities education and higher education?
  • How have your teaching philosophies and strategies changed as a result of your collaboration?

Please visit their full description for more prompts, and details on the proposal process.