Call for Reviewers for DH2014

22 Oct 2013 - 00:00

On behalf of the program committee for Digital Humanities 2014 (Lausanne, see, and on behalf of the conference coordinating committee of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) I would like to identify scholars and scientists interested in refereeing submissions to DH 2014.  We would like to benefit from the wisdom and good judgment of scholars from all over the world and from all humanities disciplines and all the other sub-disciplines that contribute to DH conferences, but we need help if we’re to do this.

Please consider devoting a few hours of your time to refereeing for DH 2014.  You may specify your specialization in the conference management software and the maximum number  of two-page abstracts you are willing to take on, which might be anywhere from two to ten, so joining need not be a large burden.  You may also find it useful to read of new work in sub-disciplines that interest you, especially as the work reported on will typically be quite new!

We welcome self-nominations from all those with proven interest and competence in DH.  A Ph.D. in a related field is more than enough, but two or more presentations at DH conferences (or similar ones) would also suffice.  Please send your name, email address, affiliation (if any) and qualifications to John Nerbonne  at john.nerbonne[at] by Oct. 31 if you would like to get involved.

Please do not nominate others, only yourself.


With regards,

John Nerbonne, for ADHO, and the DH2014 PC